Posted by: brady | November 1, 2010

My forehead is peeling.

Ruh roh…you heard me. My forehead is peeling. (I KNOW I KNOW, I should’ve put suntan lotion on).  Truth be told, it was chilly and cloudy and so I haven’t thought about putting lotion on to protect me from the sun. On Sunday (Halloween day), Sarah and I played in an invitational beach volleyball tournament with a bunch of people. Dan Nabben, a friend of ours who runs a charity called Jeju Furey, put the tournament on. There were 12 of us who played, and it really was a blast! We played at Iho Beach (just an 8 minute walk from our house) and started at 9am. The tournament was 3 on 3, followed by a 4 on 4 and 6 on 6 tournament. Sarah and I were both wiped at the end though, and sat out of the 5 on 5. A full day  of beach volleyball is tirrrrring.

Pictures to come, but let’s just say it was a blast to be out on the beach playing volleyball…even if my forehead is now peeling as a result. Next time I won’t trust that the clouds will protect me…

Sarah and I are planning on hiking the longest trail on Mount Hallasan this weekend, which should be about and 8 or 9 hour hike, depending on our speed. It goes all the way to the top of Halla, where you can overlook the volcanic crater and (if all goes well and the weather cooperates) you can get a great view of the island. Cross your fingers and hope that the weather agrees with us.

Big love,



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